The Unhinged Strava GC

by | Jan 6, 2018

The Unhinged Strava GC

Happy New Year Unhinged Cyclists.

Here is the final GC.  It has been an interesting experiment and created a fair degree of healthy competition and amusement through the year. Thanks for taking part.

December Results: SDW Boxing Day TT

I am just going to put up the Podium here.

1  Keith Henderson 20:34

2 The Mower 20:51

3. Rory Barrett 20:59

Keith put in a last gasp attempt through a flood to take the honours on New Years Eve, possibly just before the toll of the bells.

I was saddened to learn that Wendy did not manage to have a go at the final segment.  She is commended for her efforts this year.


General Classification

I apologise in advance for any errors but I think I have captured all relevant times and bonifications. Holla if there are any errors.

Rank Name Dec GC
1 Rory Barrett 00:20:59 04:19:31
2 Keith Henderson 00:20:04 00:00:34
3 przemek “The Prairie Dog” 00:22:07 00:20:33
4 Darren P – “The Pirate” 00:25:29 00:33:12
5 Julian Fussell 00:23:44 00:34:42
8 Simon Miller – “The Groundsman” 00:22:53 00:35:43
9 Adam Dennis 00:25:26 00:59:26
10 Carlos Martinez 00:24:29 01:17:11
11 Scott Sargeant 00:24:46 01:17:22

Congratulations to Rory who wins the Unhinged Strava GC.  It is amazing to see that, after 4 hours of racing, the winning margin was 34s.  Good job from the Prairie Dog who rounds out the podium.

There were also some very close battles fought mid table and a remarkable 11s difference at the foot of the table.

However, the 11 riders who completed all 12 segments are all big winners. Thanks for taking part.






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  1. Fud

    34 mins behind the Yellow Jumper!! I’ll take that! Well done Rory 👍


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