Unhinged Cycling Strava GC – January Update

by | Jan 31, 2017

January Segment – Interim Standings

Rank Name Date Speed HR Power Time
1 Olly Stevens Jan 19, 2017 41.8km/h 183bpm 343W 3:59
1 james currie Jan 29, 2017 41.8km/h 173bpm 410W 3:59
3 Robbie J aka “The Mower”  Jan 26, 2017 41.1km/h 162bpm 417W 4:03
4 Matt Evans Jan 24, 2017 40.3km/h 163bpm 308W 4:08
5 Sam Gibbs Jan 29, 2017 38.3km/h 166bpm 215W 4:21
6 G . Jan 7, 2017 38.1km/h 153bpm 245W 4:22
7 Andrew Adams Jan 28, 2017 38.0km/h 174bpm 226W 4:23
8 Julian Fussell Jan 20, 2017 36.8km/h 173bpm 213W 4:31
8 Darren Pollard Jan 22, 2017 36.8km/h 169bpm 205W 4:31
8 Barrie Barradell  Jan 29, 2017 36.8km/h 173bpm 193W 4:31
11 Charles Dennison Jan 21, 2017 36.7km/h 232W 4:32
11 Stephen Robinson Jan 29, 2017 36.7km/h 208W 4:32
13 Justin Lariviere Jan 20, 2017 36.0km/h 168bpm 184W 4:37
14 Simon Miller Jan 20, 2017 35.8km/h 208W 4:39
15 Scott Sargeant Jan 25, 2017 35.3km/h 209W 4:43
16 Adam Swaffield-Robinson Jan 29, 2017 34.0km/h 157bpm 204W 4:54
17 Rachel Jones Jan 24, 2017 33.6km/h 159W 4:57
18 Christopher Procter Jan 19, 2017 31.5km/h 157bpm 177W 5:17
19 Wendy Jupp Jan 27, 2017 31.2km/h 146W 5:20
20 wil kitcher Jan 22, 2017 30.9km/h 126bpm 127W 5:23
21 Kieran Fitzpatrick Jan 8, 2017 30.5km/h 136bpm 118W 5:27
22 Tim Lucas Jan 8, 2017 30.3km/h 115W 5:29
23 Martin Yardley Jan 7, 2017 30.2km/h 147bpm 124W 5:31
24 Rich Martell Jan 7, 2017 28.4km/h 160bpm 107W 5:51
25 Chris Gilfoy Jan 22, 2017 27.9km/h 175bpm 112W 5:58
26 Keith Henderson Jan 28, 2017 23.5km/h 104bpm 59W 7:05


These are the interim standings for the first segment.  Remember that we are letting this segment run until January to give a few more people time to post the first time. Well done for everyone who has made an effort – there are good times here.  Excellent work to Olly and James Currie who are joint leaders at the end of Jan.  It will be exciting to see how this develops over the next 4 weeks. There is good time for another tilt and we must try and prevent Olly from winning his own prizes in the gentlemen’s competition!  A special mention goes out to the current Lanterne Rouge, Cat 2 rider, Keith Henderson.  His effort of 7mins and 5seconds was completed with the whopping great power of 59W.  It will also be good to see if Keith improves on this score in February 😉

Good work Rachel Jones, who is currently leading the Women’s GC and hopefully we will see some more entries in February. Please spread the word.

Note – we have not had too much take up in the Strava Leagues website. It is a trial at the moment but if it doesn’t look that popular we will bin it at the end of Feb.


February Segment – Introducing Hills and Prizes

February sees the introduction and some climbing for all of the goats amongst you with the TRAINSHARP / SEAN YATES Hill Test. We have not yet entered proper hill climb territory.  (Fear not – they will be coming).  Rather this is a short sharp power climb.

February's Segment

February’s Segment


As you can see this is a 2.1km test averaging 4% with a reasonably steady gradient so should suit everyone.  Super Kudos for anyone who gets into the Top 10 on this one, particularly in the gents GC, as the list is populated by a fair number of Pros who have been “Trainsharped”.

Olly has been very generous with the Prizes for Feb. Mixed Case of 24 Beavertown Beer cans for the boys and Svelte jersey for the ladies.  Hopefully this will help when the going gets tough after about 2mins of hard climbing.  My money is on Julian Fussell if beer is the prize.  This will be a good example of how proper motivation can overcome your central governor, your chimp and quite possibly your physiology. 😉

Good luck and wind at ya back.


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