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Unhinged Behaviour

A Cycling Wardrobe Edit

I recently learned about an astonishing service that is available to buy out there.  It is called a Wardrobe Edit. Fresh from selling new clothes to the mythological Emperor, this service is sold to innocent individuals by a malicious and conniving trickster known as...

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A Bonkers New Year

Last week completed my first Unhinged Ride for 2017.  Was it epic?  No.  Was it long? No.  Was there a significant amount of climbing? No.  Was there any racing involved? Not really.  Was it undertaken in sub-zero temperatures? Yes, but it was not cold enough to form...

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Everesting logistics – étape 5

It also occurred to me that, whilst I am doing a good job of getting my body ready, other than scrounging a couple of extra lights, I have been less focussed on thinking about what I will need during the ride.  So I thought it might be helpful to write about the...

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Everesting training and planning – étape 3

Training Session 5 20/9, 5:26am – 2 hours, 12 reps, 1,199m, 45km, 13.6% Everesting, Cumulative 99%, Training Bike Strava Activity So, after 5 training sessions and 14 hrs 40, I have completed 99% of an everesting.  We can deduct some time for the full gas efforts I...

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Everesting training and planning – étape 2

Further Planning - Everesting Questions Session 1 had given me some good data and raised the following  questions on an Everesting: Should I pedal or completely coast downhill? How often should I take breaks?  Every 4 hours? Every 3? Was my pacing strategy of reps per...

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Hi, I’m the Unhinged Cyclist. That’s me in the pointy helmet with my trusty mower..

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