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Unhinged Behaviour

The Unhinged Strava GC

The Unhinged Strava GC Happy New Year Unhinged Cyclists. Here is the final GC.  It has been an interesting experiment and created a fair degree of healthy competition and amusement through the year. Thanks for taking part. December Results: SDW Boxing Day TT I am just...

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Unhinged Results Oct, Nov

Apologies... ... for the lack of updates. I have been very busy. Mostly talking and writing about myself! But all for a good cause.. October Results: Groombridge Hill 1 Tom Jones Oct 16, 2017 27.2km/h - 535W 02:45 1 Keith Henderson Oct 21, 2017 27.2km/h 184bpm 449W...

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Altitude Training

What is it? Training and sleeping at attitude bring benefits due to the fact that the body has to adapt to less oxygen being available. The main adaptation that occurs is the increase in red blood cell production so that the body is able to carry more oxygen in the...

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An update on training methods

Part of being the Unhinged Cyclist is all about trying out new things to see if it makes us go faster. I have been in and out of the lab doing a fair bit of that this year and thought that it was about time I shared some of the details.  In this post, I will summarise...

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It has been a while. I have been suffering from publisher's inertia.  Have a few blogs written but just can't bring myself to push the button. Strange but true.  It has also been a while since I commuted up to London on the bike.  I put the latter right on Wednesday...

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Humour Hunt – Part II

So I reckon I did find a bit of humour on the Hallowed Ground. The last post made 2 people smile at least twice. However, I don’t think it was all retrieved. I was therefore required to continue with my Unhinged Humour Hunt. It is like a treasure hunt but without the...

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My Hardest Ride Ever?

As I write this I sit in a Belgian boozer, waiting for the professionals undertaking the Liege Bastogne Liege Monument to come past. Yesterday, I completed the exact same route (well slightly longer actually) in the Liege Bastogne Liege Challenge. It was a very hard...

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Can I have an E please Bob?

I defy you to read the question "can I have an E please Bob?" out loud without laughing.  I cannot do it. Just the name Bob is enough to raise a smile if you think of Lord Blackadder saying it. To be fair Rowan Atkinson could make any name funny but he demonstrates it...

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About Me

Hi, I’m the Unhinged Cyclist. That’s me in the pointy helmet with my trusty mower..

I am on a mission to help you get faster whilst bringing a lighter, self-deprecating look at cycling adventures. Get my tips to go faster on a time-budget HERE.
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